10! Years Of Geocaching

This weekend Geocaching.com celebrates 10 years of geocaching.Wow it has really been 10 years. Personally we have been caching for 7 Years. We started on July 28th 2003 (my birthday)

Looking back it has been a blast we have gone places that we would have never gone if it were not for geocaching. It has been a blast watching the kids find stuff and trade stuff, Even placing “caches” around the house with what ever they can get their hands on. Wow not only do i geocache but i spend a good amount of time talking about caching on the geocaching podcast. It is because of geocaching that I have this fun hobby of podcasting.

We started caching in 2003 and we are not the fastest cachers. As of this point we only have 444 finds. But then again we do it for the hunt and the memories not JUST the numbers.

This weekend we are attending a geocaching event and it should be a blast. There are several geocaching events across the US this weekend celebrating that 10 years ago President Clinton turned off selective availability and our GPSr went from 100m to 10 m in accuracy.

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