Week In Review 08/01/09

I have decided to start blogging a little bit. I am going to do a week in review post. These will be posted Friday nights at 8:00 PM so here we go witht he first post:

The following are things that happened this week (Saturday-Friday) On Saturday i gave blood this is the first time that i have given blood on the left arm and the first time i have done it in a while. Julie and i got busy and just havnt given in a while. And the first time in a while that Julie was not with me. She cant give for about 9 months or so now.

The next thing that happened this week was to do with twitter.com. Besides that fact that twitter was down all day on Thursday due to a DOS attack. Twitter was blocked here at work. I felt like i was cut off from the outside world. Dont worry i found some ways around it but still. it was just the idea of being cut off. (am i addicted?)

Next thing i realized this week is that some people just like to pick on people because they can. They go looking for things to hold against you just becasue they can.

I will try to keep the Week In Review posts fairly short. Thanks for reading

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