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Digital cameras are all the rage these days. We use them for everything and they are everywhere. Most people have them on their phones others have the point and shoot kind that will fit in your pocket or purse and still others have the big fancy Digital SLR cameras. Cameras are great to have around to capture those moments that even retelling in words wont do you just have to see it. Like the photo below i could tell you that my wife and son and I went geocaching and we found a container in the woods but it isn’t as good as if i show you the container and what the woods looked like and how we felt by the look on our faces. Normally I use my blackberry phone camera to capture every day things but when it is important or if we are planning an outing we will take our digital point and shoot. The point and shoot is good for most things. However the camera that I most would like to have and it would be great for the artsy photos that i just cant get with the point and shoot is the Nikon D3 . It is a great Digital SLR that takes great photos. If i could win a camera that would be it the Nikon D3

2 thoughts on “A camera thought

  1. A dream camera for sure! I used to enjoy photography in the old 35mm days as a hobby. I only wish there waws a Pentax K1000 class body (affordable) in a DSLR. With the way technology speeds by I’d be afraid (as an amature/hobbiest) to invest so heavily in any pro-level equipment.

  2. Long ago I got into photography on the Canon side of the world. I’ve slowly collected a nice set of lenses (KEY to good pics!) IMHO a camera is a tool, and if does what you need it to do then rock on! I LOVE my new Canon 40D. I also got my hands on a 10 – 20mm Sigma lens (very wide angle) and LOVE the pics I’ve been able to get from that set up. Here’s some examples: http://tinyurl.com/33pj9u

    Happy Shooting (and hunting!).

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