Cache run

Dad and i went on a cache run on Saturday it is basically where you try and hit as many caches as you can it was fun and it pooped us out but it was great and it was a great birthday. it was my birthday on Saturday. we hit 53 caches. that is the most we have ever hit in one day. below are some pictures

In this first picture you will see it is 6:06 A.M. and we set out for the road. but first we stopped for Gas, batteries, and coffee at a gas station.

Next you will see a couple pictures of our cache car rig this first picture you see the GSAK operator laptop hanging from seat of the car and the other laptop that was running “Streets and Trips” to get better mapping

In this next picture you see from the vantage point of the GSAK opperator. You see that we took our lunch and ate it on the road to save time

We powered the laptops with a power inverter we hardwired to the battery and ran the wires to the back of the PT cruiser.

Listen to Tuesdays podcast for more info about this run

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