Custom caching icons in Delorme Street Atlas

I know i can add custom icons to my Garmin 76csx for caching. But then i got thinking i wonder if i can add custom icons to Delorme Street Atlas. The reason for my thinking was because the default ones are so large and they all look the same wouldnt it be nice to have the icons of the type of cache it is so i can easily see what kind of cache it is. I started working with the GSAK macro* that is meant to get custom icons on your gps and added those icons to SA. Below you will see a screen shot of what the map now looks like. (click the image for a bigger picture)

I had used the macro icons for gsak and had to import them and name them correctly then when i exported my caches to the SA format i told GSAK to use that macro for custom icon creation.

All the files needed for this can be found by clicking here

* GSAK macro was created by KFBradley

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  1. So, is there a set of custom icons I can use for my 76CSx? I’d love a pointer to them if there are. And how do I get them into my unit? Thanks!

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