Wow i just realized that it has been a while since i have blogged. There really hasnt been much that i have felt the need to blog about. Untill now!

A couple months back i put a job application in to a local company to be their network admin. Didnt think much would come of it. Infact some time passed and i even forgot that i sent the app in. Then I got an email from the owner of the company that i should call him about a job interview. I did right away.

He didnt answer my call so i left a message. Finally he called back and wanted to do an interview. So i took some time off of work went in and interviewed. I had a good feeling about it. Sort of like when i interviewd at Newmar.

A week or two went by and then they called me back. Wow i didnt think i would get a first call let alone a second call. I was excited. I started to really want to get out of my current job. I went to the second interview. I got to see their servers and all the cool stuff. The interview went well. I interviewed with the VP and one of the I.T. guys. When i left the VP said “just to let you know a job interview is about two things, skill and personality. I think your a great fit and are better than the other people. We still have interviews on thursday and friday.

So i go home get realy excited about it. I know the pay is better and it is close to home. I couldnt help but think about how great that would be. The job would be a lot of learning but it would be worth it and i could do it. I left feeling that the other two interviews were more of a formality and they would be contacting me soon to offer me the job.

Thursday and Friday go by so i know they have done the other interviews. A week goes by i havnt heard anything. On thursday i send the VP an email asking “just wondering the status of the job.” I hear nothing thursday or friday. I am starting to doubt but i know how long this process has taken and how sometimes they are not on the ball with things.

Monday rolls around and about 4:00PM i get an email that says call me on my cell phone after 5. My heart skips a beat or 3 and i email Julie and tell her. We are excited. I figure out how much i would need to have them offer me to be worth it. I get out of work and right away call him. Ring….Ring…Ring…VOICEMAIL. So i leave a message. I try a few other times on my way home. Same thing. I get home and i call him. Ring…Ring…Ring…VOICEMAIL. So i just wait. About 6:00 my phone rings. I jump up and run to the back room of our house so it is quiet and i say “Hello” and i hear “well we have good news and bad news” my heart sank. “We filled the position on Friday however in the process we realized that we need to add another person to our I.T. Staff. We dont expect you to wait on us. It will be sometime this summer when we create the position. And you will most likely be hearing from us this summer.”

I know i could have done that job. I know there is something out there better. But what? Why am i at the Job that i am at still. Dont get me wrong i am glad to have a job. Especially when a lot of people around here dont. God i know you know. El Roi

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