Dont complain about caches

Ok guys if you are a geocacher i am sure you have you have heard people complain that they cant find cretin caches because they need special equipment like they cant find wherigo because they dont have a garmin that plays them or they cant find a new chrip cache (which is marked as a unknown cache anyway) because they dont have a garmin. Sometimes people say “they should ban LPC’s because they are lame. Guys if you dont like a kind of hide then dont find them. there are plenty of other caches out there to find. If there are not and there are only LPC’s then go place some.

I dont hear those same people complaining about scuba caches or mystery caches that they dont know how to solve. So i am not sure how this is any different. it still comes down to the fact that you dont have the right tools to find a cache. Oh well. Man or Woman up and create more caches of the kind you like. This hobby is so diverse. Let it be diverse!

2 thoughts on “Dont complain about caches

  1. Hear, hear! I have problems with caches that involve climbing way up or hanging over a cliff, but then I just grab a friend who is okay with that and go. If you can’t find a Chirp yourself, go look for it with someone who can!

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