This weekend we went to grand rapids for friendsgiving. What is friendsgiving? It is our small group from church and we have our thanksgiving. since we are all friends it just got the name friendsgiving. Why grand rapids? Because one of our friends lives in the big GR so we went there and ate turkey and stuff like that. It was a fun time had by all. We drove matt and courtney up to GR and on the way home matt and i were in the front and we were hungry so we told Julie to pass the extra shrimp up. See this was all good we just spit the tails into a bag however here was the problem. we didnt have cocktail sauce because we forgot to bring it…so we wanted some. And if you know Grand Rapids mi at all you know that 131 dosnt have many grocery stores along it so we stopped at a gas station not expecting them to have it. however we looked and found that they didnt have it…so we found that they did have packets of taco sauce. so we grabbed about 30 taco packets and a cup and put all the sauce in a cup and ate our shrimp…hmmm that might not have been the best but it worked! Thanks all who made friendsgiving a great time.

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