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Last Saturday night Julie and i were watching the news when we saw a news story about a tattoo shop in Elkhart that was donating all the proceeds from Sundays tattoos to Church Community Services Church Community Services is a faith-based interdenominational non-profit agency that assists people in crisis and empowers them to move out of poverty. Services include a client choice food pantry, emergency financial assistance, plus our Soup of Success Job and Life Skills Training Program which empowers women in poverty to make positive changes toward greater self-sufficiency. We also offer public education on poverty. We had been looking to get a tattoo with our kids names on it or something. So we both said to each other. That is an awesome idea. I have never seen a tattoo shop do that. That is about as far as it went.

Sunday we were sitting around watching a movie with our kids, I looked at Julie and said. “Man that is tempting. I really want to go get a tattoo”. I have three other tattoos Julie has none. So we started talking and decided to do it. We called Julie’s sister to come watch the boys. we just told her. we were going out for lunch or something. The boys didnt even know.

So we started designing what we wanted and came up with two stars and a heart with each initial in it. We both got it on our ankle.

The shop raised about $1,500 that day for Church Community Services. How amazing is that.

Below are some news stories on the shop

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  1. Andy, i think its awesome that you did this! Tattoo places here in Korea are off limits to military personnel due to force protection regulations but if it were allowed and there was a place doing this kind of charity I would be there i a second!

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