After hearing about godtube on the xxxchurch podcast during the “thats ridiculis” segment. I decided to check it out. and all i have to say is wow. Christians see something that is going well in the world and copy it. the video i watched on there was called “why godtube is stupid”

and it is funny how many people commented and said things like “he is full of himself ” and “JESUS dosnt love pornstars”. Also one of the coments is from one of the founders of this site and they said the reason that they created this site is because you tube is so full of porn. and this is a family frendly site and it wasnt designed for christians it was designed for non-christians…what the crap! what pre-believer is going to come to that site and hang out…that is like expecting people to just come to church. most people who come to church first have contact someone…..in rare cases someone will just come to church..but it is the Christ followers who are out in the community getting it done…being jesus that are the reason people come to know God and how he operates and then comes to church. AHHH christians!

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