It is a reality

Last night was a rough night for all in the Lehman house. It seems like it became a reality that Julie was working. Micah didnt take a nap yesterday and it seemed like that effected him when it was time for julie to go to work. He got mad about something and wouldnt start crying. This made julie cry because she had to go to work and she is missing out on her kids growing up. Micah wouldnt stop crying. Then he kept saying “mommy home” and that made me cry because i dont want julie to have to work. I wish she could be home to. Then she talked to them about having less hours. because she told them when she hired on that she only wanted 10-15 hrs and they have her working 30 hours this week. And the lady was not to happy. but i am sorry. when you tell them on your app only 10-15 and they schedule you more.

It was just tough to deal with last night.

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