Its 40

Today is 40 it is the end!

Last night we served at the window. well i mostly watched micah so that julie and others could serve. here is my thoughts about the window though. it seems as like with the cloths donation goes. that vera gives all the nice stuff away and keeps the crappy 80’s cloths..

that dosnt seem right. i mean we should give the poor our best. it seems like we tend to give our crappiest stuff. but then when we do give our good stuff. it dosnt even get used! 🙁 hmmm

On a side note. i realized the other day that i cant even go anywhere on the internet that has adds without seeing some sort of skin. Hey guys this is a call to more pure. Ditch the add crap that sex sells. lets boycott the idea that sex sells. I dont want to see it anymore. i dont want sex to be everywhere i go!

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