Just loaned at Kiva.org

I just loaned at kiva.org

i loaned money it is easy to do…for as little as $25 you can loan money to people in third world countries to us for their business. When the loan is repaid then you will get your money back and you can withdraw it or reinvest it again. if you interested you can go it quickly and easly just go to kiva.org and sign up and use money from your paypal account or from a credit card. it is something you can do quickly and easy to help someone

1 thought on “Just loaned at Kiva.org

  1. I was totally stoked when I saw your “Just Loaned at Kiva.org” fly across twitter!

    I just had my first loan paid back in full and rolled that to another applicant. I plan to fund another one before that one is repaid and slowly build up my contribution to the fund.

    It’s kind of a neat feeling when little guys like us can make such a difference and really puts things into perspective just how far people can make a dollar go.

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