Justice and injustice

When thinking about injustice that goes on in the world. we must do something, but what There are so many things out there good worthy causes. but what can we do i dont know anyone in most of the other places in the world that there is injustice going on with. And there are so many. I have been trying to figure out what to do. I think we need to take the stance that xxxchurch.com has. They say there goal isnt to eradicate porn from the world. That isnt going to happen. They want to educate people on the dangers of porn and help them out if they want. Same thing with injustice. I dont think that you can expect to eradicate the world of injustice. It just isnt going to happen. I need to find something i am called to do to help out.

World wide i can do things like

locally in Goshen i am still working on that one…

1 thought on “Justice and injustice

  1. I saw a nightline show on xxxchurch. They are fighting a world wide battle against darkness and I hope they can make progress and win.

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