Locked out

Locked out

So I am just sitting here in the driveway blogging on my phone. Why am I blogging on my phone in the driveway. Well glad you asked. We were at the inlaws today and I was going to come home and work on my resume and the dishes. Julie was going to go to the store with the boys and her mom so she took the van and I took the inlaws car. Almost home and I remembered my keys were in the van and the garage code opener is out of batteries. So I thought while I am waiting for julie I would blog.

Sunday services are going well. I am enjoying doing the podcasts. http://podcasts.exodus-community.com I realy enjoy the community that we have there it is real and I miss it when we are gone for the weekend. That is how community is suppose to be right. I know that each and every exodus person cares for me and my thoughts.

Other things we were planting our garden this today for this summer. There is just something about growing your own food. Inafact it would be great to grow our own beef too but since we can’t do that we will just grow food in the garden. It is cool to see that god helps grow the stuff your eating.

End of thoughts for now

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