Managing your podcast list

I have a computer at home and at work both have itunes and the reason that i do this is because the iPod that i have dosnt do video and i like watching video podcasts. so i watch the video podcasts at work while i listen to the audio ones on my way to work. Well now i have just bought a ipod touch! so i know have a video ipod. so i was wondering if there was a way to take the feeds from my work itunes and bring them to my home computer. You guessed it there is.

First on the computer you want to get the feeds from go to iTunes and make sure the podcast selection is selected so you see all your podcasts then click file export and choose the drop down for .opml this will export all your podcast feeds as a file so you can take the file and take it to your other computer and then…

Click in itunes make sure you are on the podcast selection then click file import and browse to where the file is and then import it. it will import all the feeds that you dont have already on your second computer! pretty handy!

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