Merry Christmas

It is getting to be that time of year again. The snow has fallen. Our tree is up. Didnt quite get the outside lights up this year…again. I am excited not only for the time off but the time i will get to spend with my family. It should be fun. But the real reason for Christmas is not the presents or the time with family. The real reason is Jesus. He came to earth and lived among us and then died for our sins. Yes i know December 25th. Why then. I dont know i know the Bible dosnt say “December 25th is when Jesus was born” but i know that isnt important. what is important is the fact that God loved me so much and was grieved because he knew that i was going to fail and do things that he said i should do. So he sent someone to take my place on the punishment that I truly do deserve. He sent Jesus so that he could die for me. Thank you God. You love me so much that you didnt want to see me have to go to hell so you have given me someone who could take my place. I love you. Thank you for your Son Jesus. As a Dad i dont know how that is possible. I know i coulnt say ok Elliot or Micah can take the place and die for someone else. That just is a tough thing.

Just my $.02 for the day

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