My car

my car for some random reason this week decided that it would almost not start on one morning. but never fear! It did start. When i went to leave to go home it didnt start. So I went and found Fred and fred didnt have jumper cables with him. I didnt have mine because i lent them to my father-in-law. so then i went and found todd and todd didnt have them either. so i looked in the back of our office and i found one of those jumper battery packs and that worked great. well then also my alignment on my car is messed up and my tire is breaking because of it. Now today my car started fine this morning but then when i went to go take my check to the bank it stopped working again today! Grr so i have some car work to do this weekend…let alone the oil in the van needs changed….AND IT IS COLD OUTSIDE 🙁

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