My New GPS Map 76csx

I have been playing with my new Garmin Map 76csx the last couple of days and oh man do i love it. This is technically my third GPSr first being one you hook to the laptop via the serial cable and the second being the Garmin Etrex legend (which is now my wifes unit) below you will find some screen shots from my GPSr

As you can see by the third picture i have the Geocaching waypoint and then the last four logs FFFF for the last four logs were found it. Then you see the Kind T(traditional) M(mulit) then you see the size of the container S(small) R(regular)

then if i were to show you the screen from in the waypoint you would see that i can also see the dif/terrain and also the last date it was found. not only that but a smart name of the cache also…..

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