Myspace isnt

Dear myspace. we need to talk . i am no longer going to be able to be your friend and i am leaving. it was a wonderful time we spent together however lately i have only been talking to you when you email and tell me you want to talk. Thats it take your stuff and get out. we can no longer be friends!

Myspace is no longer home to profile for me. this is due to many things but I didnt ever do anything one it. but mostly last night just put me over the edge. I got two emails from myspace one saying some random person wants to be my friend and one saying i have a new message. So i logged on thinking well maybe this person of unknown identity really wants to be my friend. i check the friend requests and the user profile had been deleted (which means the person is a porn spammer) i have had all to many of these lately. hey my name is _______________ and check out my naked profile that i cant put on myspace. No thanks. my name on my space was Say no to porn. i dont think i want to see your naked pictures. And so i thought well maybe there is actually a person who is sending me a myspace message. NOPE. it was someone trying to get me to refinance my home. so while deleting this filth that seems to always come up on my myspace. i saw an add “that myspace is endorsing since it is on the site” that was of some woman “at least she wasnt naked” but it was for some dating place that uses huge breasted women to try and get us to go to their dating site…for real guys there is no one like that using the site. and i dont want to see it anyways. there is NO way my son will have a myspace account. It is just crap. too many people wanting to show me their naked self and to refinance my home. maybe you should get the naked lady to try and get me to refinance my home at least i would only have to hit the delete button once to get rid of the crap that keeps getting in my inbox.

So i am sorry to say myspace and Tom. good bye

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