PBR finals in Vegas

One of the things that i have never experienced before hanging out with julie was bull riding. One of the first things that we did when we started dating was go to the Elkhart county fair and see bull riding. It is one of best things. You get to see riders try and stay on as long as you can. and you get to see the bulls try and throw the riders off. One of the things i think would be cool is going to the Professional Bull Riders World Finals (PBR Finals) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year they are Oct 31st – Nov 9th. but where do you get your tickets to the Pro Bull Riders you can get them at www.teamonetickets.com. If i were going to to PBR world Finals i would love the autograph time that the riders come out and sign things for us fans. Another thing i would love to see is just all the top notch bull riders. I mean come one these are the finals. One thing i would make sure to do though is get my tickets to the Pro Bull Riders early and quickly so i make sure that i get the best seats possible.

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