Revolution: by George Barna

Ok so i am just reading the reviews on about this book and it is funny how people dont like change…i think it is like this if i were to put a frog into a boiling water pot he would jump out but if i put him in cold water and slowly heated it up he would stay and die. same thing here. Some Christians take change well. they see the need for it. things are no longer working in the cold water so lets change to hot. and some Christians if you just change slightly and keep changing slightly you will see eventually they will be embracing things we are now saying like “house church” and being more real and being missional. and some people just like to argue..if it is different then it cant be good. read this quote from the amazon review

“Barna gives some good factual information (as usual), but goes too far to negate the Biblical mandate for a local church. He ignores all the work of the Apostle Paul in establishing local churches and the Bibles clear guidance on church leadership (Pastors, deacons, etc.). I understand and am also of the opinion that we have deviated from our first-century example and have gone too far down the road of institutionalism and building projects, but that does not afford us the right to disassemble what God has established. In Barna’s Revolution, “churches” would exist as Bible studies or small groups of people that get together every so often for fellowship. While these a good, Biblical things, they are not a church. A church will have indiviuals called to be pastors, deacons, overseers, or elders as to execute and lead the functions of the church.

Overall, some good research and statistics, but severely lacking in a Biblical church backbone. “

what the crap

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