Last night we went to joel and jackies house to meet with sparky. This was a good time as normal however we also had kim (julie sister) there then lisa (julie’s other sister) showed up. it was fun we hung out and had fun. After everyone else left julie and i and her sisters stayed and talked with joel and jackie. This was a good chat. I love talking with them. Micah then went home with kim and stayed the night at grandma’s house. Eli actually slept last night most of the night. that was a blessing. Thank you Lord for that. I feel like i havnt seen micah in a long while. Tuesday night we went to mike and Connie’s house and had dinner then mindy took me home because i had to do the geocaching podcast so i did that then julie and the boys came home but it was 10:00 and the boys went right to bed. Then yesterday julie and the boys were out running at the store and kim and Connie were with them. when they came home they took micah back with them. then brought him back as we were leaving to joel and jackies. then we spent time with sparky and then micah went back to grandma’s last night and tonight at 7 i am going to go to teaching meeting. so again…not much time with the boys..

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