Thanksgiving weekend

So we were planing to go to my parents house this weekend for a weekend however julie said to me do you think that your parents would mind if i just stayed home and had a weekend to myself since i havnt had any time lately. So i said sure… so off the boys and i went.

We set off for their house about 10:15pm on friday. We got there and then saturday we hung out and did lots of fun stuff however Micah and my mom were going down the cable swing (kinda like a zip line) and they fell off. Luckly they were ok. But it scared micah a lot. Then later that night we noticed micah had a temp (took him to the dr today and it is just something going around) then sunday morning Eli snapped a mouse trap on his little fingers. They were ok but he cried a lot.

It was a good weekend. but it seemed like there was a lot that went wrong. Hopefully julie will let me take the boys again sometime!

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