This weekend

Micah at TSC

This weekend was good. we had lots of fun. Micah and grandpa and i went to TSC and micah liked this tractor. we had lots of fun. I did my geocaching podcast and that went well. I feel like this one went better than any before. Also i am starting to use a thing called gizmoproject it is like skype only better. I can call any other computer with it or any SIP number. and if i am an active member i can call land lines for free also. my gizmoproject ID is andylehman and my SIP number if you have other software that can dial SIP is i would suggest clicking the banner below and downloading it. It is available for Windows/Mac/Linux… add me as a contact andylehman or my sip number so we can chat free!!!!!!

Gizmo Project A Free phone for Your Computer

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