Thursday: Twitter Silent

if you follow me on twitter you know i said i was going twitter silent today. and i am. I am not posting to twitter for 24hrs. however you may have seen a link to this blog post. that is because i have a program that automatically looks at RSS feeds and posts to twitter based on them. so this is an RSS feed it manages and so it will post this blog

You my ask why i went twitter silent? that is because i like to keep it real sometimes and make sure that i spend sometime with the people i see everyday and not keep checking my phone for new twitter posts.

my parents were here just for the night last night and that was good to see them. They are so fun to hang out with. we went to oxbo and had a picnic and played on the playground. i loved it is was so fun. I am also done with the video for eca. i will most likely post it here sometime soon.

This weekend Julie and I and the boys are going to Chicago to the Shedd aquarium. it will be fun i cant wait to see Micah’s reaction. I know Eli wont much care but still it will be fun. Have a good Thursday!

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