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This past weekend there was a tornado that passed threw Nappanee Indiana where i work. Thursday night there were storms that passed threw the area and they said on the news that a tornado had touched down in Nappanee and then shortly after that our servers reported a power loss to one of our servers that is in our building which meant that the power was off but at least our main server room was still there. I say this because the server that it reported as going down was in our office not in the server room and not on a battery back up. so when the power loss happened the monitoring server kicked on battery and shot an email to me saying that the power on the other server went down…so i know that our server room was there because the email server was sending out emails. Needless to say it was heading tward the goshen area where i live. We dont have a basement in our house (if we move ever there WILL be a basement) so we headed over to julie’s grandma’s house and spent the night there..because there were three storms that moved threw the are that night. and the second one was the one that caused the tornado. and the third one the weather guy didnt know how bad the third one was going to be. So i woke up friday morning and went home (all was intact there no tornadoes in goshen). I called our work closing line to see if there was going to be work that day and they didnt say there wasnt going to be. so i got ready then called again and the message now said there wasnt going to be work on friday. So i got a day off. If you watch the video below you will see the damage

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