web site ideas

If you are a web designer you know how hard it is to get good ideas. you see something that is cool on the web and think hey i need to remember that for the next time that i have a project that i need to design something. Now when it comes time to design something where have all your good ideas gone. your brain goes like a ghost town. so what do you do? you go to Inspiration Folder – Web’s largest web design gallery. So what is inspiration folder. Whoo glad you asked. it is an online resource to show off your web design. what makes it cool you ask. you can save your favorites in a favorites folder so that you can go back and look at them. This is not a place to get code for your website or rip off someones site it is a place to get inspiration for web design. you go the design but you get ideas from others work. so your website is truly yours. They list the colors that they used so you can see what goes well with it. This sight is going in my book marks right now. so if you need help coming up with ideas for a website be sure to check out Inspiration Folder – Web’s largest web design gallery.

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