Week In Review 09/12/09-09/18/09

Wow the list of things that happened this week is chocked full. On Friday night the boys wanted to go to a High School football game. We went and watched and it was so fun. Next thing is we Finally got Julie’s grandma and grandpa out of their house. We moved them Saturday. It took a while but it was worth it. There was a safe under their floor boards and and they wernt going to take it with them so i grabed the saw and cut the floor out and took it. It was kinda like a real life Geocache. Thing is they arnt sure what the code is they know they have it somewhere but they arnt sure what it is or where it is. So i think i am going to take up safe cracking :). On monday i woke up and jumped in the shower and there was no hot water. Not a drop. I knew this was strange as no one else was up so i knew that there was no one taking a shower and using up all the water. Come to find out the water heater pilot was out. luckly it was an easy fix. Then drove to work and i locked my keys in the car. luckly julie and kim and the boys could come over at lunch and we had McDonnalds and unlocked the car. On Tuesday Julie and i went to the doctor and got to hear the heart beat of our new baby. wow that is cool. Anyone that dosnt think life begins at conception should hear a heart beat. Really not much more happened. We scheduled a geocaching event and that should be fun. Today is the last day of my job here at Bosch. i am starting a new job on monday

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  1. Awesome about the safe. My dad broke into my grandmas safe with a screwdriver and ice pick last weekend! Hope yours is just as easy to crack. Good luck with your new job! We need to get together soon! -amanda and fam

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