Weekend sum up

This weekend i went with exodus community pastors to Grand Rapids Mi to the Dominican center. On friday night we got there at about 8:40 and then went out to eat at Uchellos then we went out to Founders Brewery. After that we went back to the place we are staying at. we got up at 8:30 on saturday and we had our massages. (click to see the one i had) and we also had time to pray. Then we had our time of planning. then about 3:00 we went for lunch at san chez where i got to drink some smoked lapsang tea. then we went back and had more planning. then about 9:00 pm we went back to dinner at red robin then went to finish watching the game at Buffalo wild wings. then on sunday we went to mars hill for church then IHOP for lunch then went home…it was a good weekend

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