When Todd is gone

It seems like whenever our network administrator is gone away something goes wrong. Todd is out to Vegas today and i am sitting here and someone calls in and says i cant get in to your network right now and i am on the road…then this memory shoots into my brain that says our firewall is crap…we only have so many licenses for it and we cant buy anymore…so when the license spots get taken up the firewall holds on to that untill it is rebooted so if someone is trying to get out or in and there are no spots left…it wont let them….so i need to reboot the firewall. umm what i have never done that before..i have rebooted my home router but never a corp firewall. so i go to the room and i hit the button to reboot it…it does its thing and just sits there saying “symantec security” and i know that isnt right…it is suppose to show the information about what it is doing…so i reboot it again…and man it finally worked

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