Why the frick?

Why is a church’s success (if that is what you want to call it) is based on how many people you have attending your meetings. I was talking to someone on the phone today who knew that we helped start a church and they asked…hows the church going. I knew he was asking “How many people do you have?” so i made a point to not say…i just said it is going well…then he said. “how many people do you have?” I almost said it isnt about how many people that we have that makes it successful but i didnt. i told him.

I have seen way to many BIG churches that have no depth to them but they have the numbers. numbers dont make the church!

what are you thoughts on this? do you feel the same as i do? if so what do you say to people when they ask hows your church doing. meaning size, give me numbers!

3 thoughts on “Why the frick?

  1. If it’s any comfort at all, this thinking spreads across all denominations and various faiths. In my Buddhist practice I’m currently struggling with my groups addiction to the numbers.

    I haven’t formulated a good response for when someone asks about numbers, but when I come across others who like to talk-up their numbers I usually ask them what THEY have done to create value and what have they done to improve their community.

    Sometimes it makes them think, sometimes it doesn’t.

  2. My church is different than most. We do outreaches, and “campaigns.” The campaigns aren’t to get people to join our church. They are to get people to join the body of Christ. During the 5 weeks of the campaign, our pastor says at the end of every sermon, “We don’t care if you join this church, just join a good Christian church, if you aren’t a part of one already.” Our church isn’t about the numbers, it’s about the people, and because of that, people join. Either way, a church shouldn’t be about the numbers, it should be about the people. A church that I went to before had about 15 people. It was the best church I’ve ever been to, with the one that I’m going to now being second, even though the one I’m going to now is the biggest one I’ve been to. It all depends on the people of the church. (Sorry about this insanely long comment.)

  3. I agree that churches shouldn’t be about the numbers, though I attend a rather large church here in Washington. Previous to that we attended one where average services were around 150 people. I like that intimacy, but I also enjoy the resources that a “mega church” can bring to the whole experience. The bottom line is that it should be a place you are comfortable worshiping Jesus.

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