Yesterday mike came over and we put up some shelves in the garage. it is something that needed to be done a while ago and we finaly got to it yesterday. we put many shelves up in the garage all for $8. how did we do it you ask, well here is the thing living in a neighborhood that is still being built we were able to gank some floor joist boards from a lot that wasnt using them. we had them for a long time and they were just laying in the garage… so yesterday mike says lets put up some shelves here. so we had the joists but were going to need 2×4 for support…well lucky for us that same house just built the sidewalk so they had 2×4’s laying there so we ganked them also. so all i needed now was the nails…so i went and bought them hence the $8. i couldnt steal them from that house…..that wouldnt have worked…however it would have made a good story!

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