Cache Run 2009

We decided to do another cache run this year. We are doing our run tomorrow. It has been two summers since we did a run. we decided that it was far past time. So we decided to raid the same area again. Last time we went to Ft. Wayne Indiana an hit 52 caches. This time we are aiming for 75.

We have mad some change to help us accomplish our goal. This year we are pre-planning our route. From cache to cache to cache we know what is next. This took the most time last year. we have 88 caches in our route hopefully we can hit at least 75

We are starting our run at 7:30 and running late. we dont have an end time

3 thoughts on “Cache Run 2009

  1. Just remember — you have to break 100, but the target is at least 105 so that you can have the bragging rights to most geocaches in a single day of the Geocaching Podcast hosts. 😀

  2. I hear you on a cache run. I have the day free tomorrow and I’m starting at 6:30 AM and trying for about 75 or so. I’m at 586 right now I’m at I need to grab 66 so that I can be right at 650.

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