Mean Cachers

Geocachers are normally nice people. That said we have seen a few bad apples in the bunch. Last night I got home and checked my email and saw that someone logged our Lets Go For a Walk Grandma as a DNF. There have been DNF’s on it over the last couple of months. Infact i was going to go out and check on it this week. When i looked at the log the person was very mean. “Its obivious it is gone. why hasnt this been disable to save peoples time from hunting something that isnt there” I shot an email back to them. This is becasue just becasue several people cant find it dosnt mean it isnt there and i was actually going to check on it this week. Then i also saw another log he posted on a cache of mine. He logged a micro that i have that is near a water way and kind of in the woods and it is a micro. He commented that there is no reason to put a micro in the woods especially when there is so much trash. You know what. The cache is a freaking fishing bobber so that was the perfect place for it. I dont like micro’s in the woods either but if they are warented then yes. I guess i am just venting. Please cachers be nice in your logs and the way you talk to other cachers. We are people too!

2 thoughts on “Mean Cachers

  1. As someone who has hidden over 400 caches I have seen a lot of interesting behavour by other cachers out there. I wont say it does not sting when someone leaves a nasty long on one of my caches, but I have learnt that in a game that the only requirement to play is an email address and the ability to follow an arrow we sometimes end up with the least common denominator which with humanity is not always pretty.

    It has tempered my logs over the years though, it does not matter what I thought of a cache at the time I will always thank the owner for the time, money and effort he/she put into placing the cache. Many “finder” often forget that without people hiding there is nothing to find.


  2. has that person actually attended any events? ugly logs often mean an anti-social cacher is behind them. too bad though.

    one time I dnf'd a cache that was a micro in the woods and didn't make a big deal about it because the cacher was new to the game. instead it just sent a short note to try and help encourage him to hid some caches with a lower difficutly rating untill he has a few more finds under he belt. he snapped back with a snarky response and then proceeded to try and hide some caches on a military installation. they were somehow approved (mostly in thanks to some crappy google mapping images) and I got the same response from the guy after i pointed him to that part of the geocaching hiding guideline. All that to say that i think some caches don't have to be found by me! 🙂

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