Last night i saw GC1CVMP get published and it is in the town where i work. i knew i had a pretty good chance of getting the FTF on it so i loaded up the GPSr and went to work this morning. i parked the car i ran to the site and guess what. FTF. Click for my log. So yeah it was a good monday and it was our 220th cache find.

while i was typing this blog entry i got this email notifying me that someone else found the cache. here is their log

June 2 by midnightrosefashions (22 found)
uuuughhh!! i got up extra early to stop here before work. good hide (grumble grumble) then to find that 6:45am was not earlier enough. i should go back to bed instead of work. lol good job on the FTF. maybe one day for me.

I found it at 5:54 so yup about an hour too late!

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