Tracphone and Email to SMS gateway

I have a Tracphone and last night i wondered if they had an email to SMS gateway. So lets say i sent and email to i would get an sms on my phone. So i jumped on google and did a little search. what i found out was this. Tracfone outsources it network to other national providers. If you can figure out what provider yours is you can use their SMS gateway. However there is not a way to go to your phone and figure out what provider you use. However there is a way. What you will need to do is send an email to the following email addresses with your number before the @ sign

***Note there may be some providers missing here***

Next wait for the message to come threw on youur tracphone. You will recieve a lot of bounce back mail in your mail box for the networks that your phone is not on. Once you get that text message click reply and send a message back you will then have a message in your email that is from your phone and it will be from the sms gateway email address. Enjoy.

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