Week In review 08/15/09-08/21/09

This week’s week in review is interesting. Saturday we spent a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine with our boys. I think i liked it just as much as they did. We went to Flint Mi. Got to rid on Thomas and just spend the day doing all sorts of fun things.

Sunday we had a work day with the church to help move julie’s grandparents. We did lots of work and got lots of dirty.

Twitter was unblocked this week at work. well come to find out EVERYTHING was unblocked at work. For some reason the firewall blocker was down. However that didnt last too long as someone was made aware of it and today it was back online. 🙁

So after the big to do that was made about me taking Firefox off my work computer guess what a few days later it is now approved. i have to request it and the computer automatticly installs it but it still gets installed so guess what i have FireFox again!

Anyway that is my week in review. It was a good week and see you all next week

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