Week in Review 8/8/09-08/14-09

Ok so here we go for the second week in review. Wow this week was interesting to say the least.
It started with more moving.

We were packing on Sunday Julie’s grandma they are moving soon and we are helping them pack. They have a lot of stuff so it takes a long time to pack.

This week also brought lots of changes at wor. We found out that one of the people who was laid off a while ago is comming back. Which brought up the question who is leaving. We dont have that much work that we need another person. Come to find out another one of our people here is leaving. There own choice but they are leaving. More changes here at work. I was told i had to remove Firefox and only use IE6. IE 6 that is like going back to horse and buggy from cars. Come on now. Also twitter.com was blocked at work i mean i can find an alternitave site that pulls that information but still i dont want to.

The main thing this week that happend was yesterday Julie called me at work and said. “I need you to call me as soon as you can” So i did the natural thing and picked up the phone and called her and i heard her say “There are cats in our van” Now at this point i knew i left the windows up and the doors were shut so i was wondering how they got in there. So went on to say “They were in our engine and i turned the engine on. Come to find out there were three cats. First one that fell out only had a broken leg. Next one was dead and the final one was just fine. Julie felt so bad. So i went home after work and dug a hole for the dead one. Then we went to red lobster for dinner and and when we came back there were more cats on our drive way. Go away cats!

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